How to add Ads?


Ads for the AMP pages are added like normal in the admin panel:

  • Go to ACP > Setup > Advertising (in the left side menu)
  • Click the Add advertisement-button
  • From the Position-drop down, select an item that contains [AMP] in the name
  • in the HTML field, make sure to add an <amp-ad...>-code
  • NOTE: The display criteria for AMP adds don't matter since user is always "guest"

If you need to disable ads on some forum nodes, that can be done from the addon options

How to add <amp-auto-ads...> ?

NOTE: AMP auto Ads seems to have problems working: If you still want to try, follow these instructions:

There is an advertising position in ACP called "After opening of <body>-tag [AMP]" where you can add the <amp-auto-ads...> code.
Note: You do not need to add anything into the <head> for this as AMPXF will automatically add it if needed 😊