Can you guarantee a traffic growth for my forum?


Short answer

No, we can't. We only know that the sites that have installed it so far have seen positive results.

Longer answer

When it comes to SEO and increasing your rankings and organic traffic, no one has the real answers. Google is rumored to be using some 200 ranking factors to decide where to place your page in the search results.

One of the big factors is page speed, especially when it comes to mobile traffic, and AMP is excellent for ensuring an almost-instant page load when served from their own caches.

So by adding 1 and 1 together:

  • Google likes fast pages, especially on mobile
  • AMP pages are made to be super fast for mobile
  • Our addon will enable your forum to serve AMP-variants of the threads

You can quickly come to the conclusion that installing the AMPXF addon should give you an advantage when it come to bringing in organic traffic to your forum.