I use Theme X for my forum, will it work with AMPXF?


Short answer: Likely yes

Known to work well:

  • UIX themes (there is advanced option for fontsize fix)
  • ThemeHouse themes (there is advanced option for fontsize fix)
  • PixelExit themes

Longer answer:
AMPXF reuses as much of the XF styling properties as possible. If the theme you are using utilizes those same styling properties as well (which they should...), colors and other things will look similar.

Some things to note:

  • AMP pages will only be shown to users that are using a mobile device.
  • When a visitor come to your site through a search engine, they will always be a guest user
    • i.e. no one will use the AMP page as a logged in user.
  • AMP pages are only created for threads (normal/article/question/suggestion), as that is where the important content is (where Google/Bing finds content that is relevant to searches)
    • (We will add support for wikis and blogs soon)
    • The regular XF themes and styles don't do special UI things on mobile devices anyway, since the viewport is limited. The important part is the content.

Another thing to note: All links on the rendered AMP page will link to the real site, so if you are worried that the "total experience" won't be good for the visitor, it will be exactly as the normal site, once/if they decide to interact with your forum/site (fingers crossed)

Live examples of normal vs AMP on sites using AMPXF:

You can basically open any thread on these forums, and add ?amp=1 to the URL-bar to see the AMP equivalent of the page.

NOTE: For a fair comparison, you should view these pages in a "mobile size/viewport".